June 30th - July 2nd 2023

A streaming charity event for LGBT visibility and legal rights in Japan.

Japan lags behind the rest of the world in protections and visibility for LGBT individuals, and we've partnered with Japanese NPO Nijiiro Diversity to raise funds and awareness for the LGBT community here in Japan.

We'll be streaming continuously across all timezones, all weekend, with excellent DJs from Ascent and beyond, collecting funds for Nijiiro Diversity, and having a good ole dance while doing it.

See our lineup below! We're still filling the last few slots, so stay tuned for more!


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DJTimeTwitch URL
Derek RyanFriday, June 30th 2023, 3AM UTC
CodeswitchFriday, June 30th 2023, 5AM UTC
ConuresFriday, June 30th 2023, 7AM UTC
DJ NecoFriday, June 30th 2023, 9AM UTC
Hiromori AsoFriday, June 30th 2023, 11AM UTC
1to1Friday, June 30th 2023, 1PM UTC
Derek RyanFriday, June 30th 2023, 3PM UTC
PyroglyphixFriday, June 30th 2023, 5PM UTC
DaffieFriday, June 30th 2023, 7PM UTC
ZoyaFriday, June 30th 2023, 9PM UTC
Andy AmmoFriday, June 30th 2023, 11PM UTC
DJ LahbugSaturday, July 1st 2023, 1AM UTC
Derek RyanSaturday, July 1st 2023, 3AM UTC
RyoOOOh!Saturday, July 1st 2023, 5AM UTC
N-sKingSaturday, July 1st 2023, 7AM UTC
DJ QuickSaturday, July 1st 2023, 9AM UTC
06RSaturday, July 1st 2023, 11AM UTC
SwearyPrincessSaturday, July 1st 2023, 1PM UTC
SwearyPrincessSaturday, July 1st 2023, 3PM UTC
Apollo NashSaturday, July 1st 2023, 5PM UTC
Pablo ArtigasSaturday, July 1st 2023, 7PM UTC
MonoverseSaturday, July 1st 2023, 9PM UTC
Alastair JamesSaturday, July 1st 2023, 11PM UTC
ManyNamesSunday, July 2nd 2023, 1AM UTC
Suzy SolarSunday, July 2nd 2023, 3AM UTC
KaenoSunday, July 2nd 2023, 5AM UTC
DerpwinHKSunday, July 2nd 2023, 7AM UTC
Derek RyanSunday, July 2nd 2023, 9AM UTC

Tune on in

We can't wait to celebrate with you!