Our Musical DNA

Ascent releases progressive and uplifting trance from across the BPM spectrum, but our musical identity is focused on these components.


The stars are in the details, and Ascent tracks have multiple layers and colors that are often missed on the first listen, or the first hundred. Look deeper.


Ascent tracks tell a story and transport the listener to somewhere new, evolving along the way. Our tracks each weave a world, an environment of their own, beyond the veil.


Emotional melodics are the lifeblood of our label and what represents our sound. Beautiful heartbreak, soaring euphoria, firey fury, you'll find it all here, leaving the obvious at the door in place of searing emotion.


Grooves and energy need raw fuel; our tracks have forward momentum and propulsion. This need not imply a particular BPM, or four-on-the-floor or broken beat, but as propulsion is essential to a rocket, so is fire behind the groove.

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